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6558 Vernon Woods Drive Sandy Springs (Atlanta) Georgia 30328

Open 10 AM - 10 PM Mon - Thurs, 10 AM - 8 PM Fri & Sat, 11 AM - 8 PM Sun

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What is a Psychic Fair? It's the opportunity for you to meet and try out different psychics and learn about new and different modalities from Astrology to Zen Tarot. It's a psychic smorgasbord, filled with exciting possibilities and rewarding experiences!

We're at 6558 Vernon Woods Drive in Sandy Springs, GA

This is our anticipated line-up for the fair. Feel free to call 404-252-4540 to schedule your appointments in advance beginning 10 AM on Monday prior to the fair. Please be aware that due to circumstances beyond our control, changes may be made last minute without notice.



ANDREA BAGBY 10 AM - 6 PM - Tarot Cards, Reiki Master, Pendulum, Clairvoyant, and Clairaudience) - Andrea is Modern Mystic, Wellness Coach, Intuitive, and Certified Yoga teacher. Her expertise is walking people through a complete mind, body, & spirit connection. She uses her psychic abilities to scan your energy field and guide you through removing blockages that hinder your ability to thrive. Andrea’s unique style of reading and healing will coach you through life’s tough choices with love and compassion. She will tell you the outcome of your choices and help you to remove the stress of it all from your energetic field. She will help you find balance in your health and your life. On staff at The Inner Space

BLAKE RICHMOND - Clairvoyant, Clairsentient and Claircognizent. Blake works with Lenormand cards, playing cards, Oracle cards, and is a spiritual coach and energy healer.He has practiced within the metaphysical world for much of his life! He uses his cards to look at past, present, and future possibilities in order to give advice on anything from career and romance, to one’s life purpose and spiritual path. Blake is able to look into an individuals energy field and identify any blockages within their chakras as well. It is his true passion to provide deep healing and clarity to others regardless of their spiritual path.

BRITT YOUR INTUIT 1 - 8 PM - Tarot, Oracle Cards - With a keen interest in Astrology and Numerology, she navigates through life by way of instinct and connecting with source, using various tools;(crystals,herbs, runes,pyromancy, ceromancy, capromancy, and tarot, etc... ). She's an intuitive Empath, metaphysical alchemist and medically intuitive. It's her desire to be of service to those who are seeking answers and or assistance in matters concerning health, finance, and relationships.

CARLA GINSBURG 1 - 8 PM - Carla began tapping into her spirituality early on in her childhood, when she had several visions of events that occured years later. Carla will help you navigate the rollercoaster of life and come to a better understanding of your own inner strength through guidance from her clairvoyant abilities .

DISHA 10 AM - 6 PM- Palmistry, Astrology - Disha is a qualified Astrologer and Palmist who gives accurate psychic readings through a range of mediums. She is a professional consultant who uses her intuition to offer guidance to all of her clients, encouraging them to move in a positive direction and face the challenges that may lie ahead of them. When you schedule your psychic reading with Disha, you will receive a detailed and highly accurate reading that covers the aspects of your life where you feel you need the most guidance. Palmistry and Astrology services: Lifetime predictions and guidance, Career prediction and counseling, Health Predictions, Love and relationship, Education, Marriage. (Disha will have her computer to calculate your chart so having a printed chart is not necessary)

ERIC “Son of Light”1 - 8 PM-Tarot, Intuitive, Past Life Regression - Eric has been on his spiritual journey for fifteen years. Along the way he tapped into his gifts for reading others and helping them along their path.Eric is a certified NGH hypnotherapist as well. If you want to walk in YOUR light, come have a reading with the Son of Light.

KELLY 10 AM - 6 PM – Clairsentient, Medical Intuitive, Crystal & Sound Tuning, Tarot, Psychometry -- Drawing upon the harmony of the Earth, Kelly bridges the wisdom of Spirit to offer you a tangible reflection of yourself on your soul journey. She owned a natural healing center in Santa Monica, California for many years while moonlighting as an intuitive reader at the Learning Light Foundation. Her organic approach uses a variety of tools depending on what you need in the moment. Feel free to bring a photo of a loved one or pet to receive distance healing or an object belonging to them for psychometry.

KRISSI 1 - 8 PM - Psychic Medium, Intuitive, Empath, Palmistry, Reiki, Spiritual Life Coach. Since she was a child Kristina has been cultivating her psychic gifts. Using the ancient art of Palmistry and her natural abilities, she connects to your energetic field and delivers messages from your Spirit Guides. She will give you the information you need and empower you to create your highest good now! With love, compassion and gentle guidance, she will enable you to see past limiting beliefs and worn out paradigms and give you the knowledge needed to go forth and live life with purpose, passion and breathtaking beauty!

MAX STAR 1 - 8 PM -Tarot and Oracle Reader, Intuitive Medium - Max is an intuitive empathic medium whose gifts were awakened by transformation and personal healing. She works with her guides to assist you with clear answers. The reading will give you insight on the guidance you seek, wisdom from higher realms, and practical ways to navigate. Max's uses her background of Energy Healing, Reiki, Crystal Healing, Chakra Healing, Spirituality, Meditation, Law of Attraction and years of other training in the metaphysical/occult realm to interpret life energy through the reading. Intuitive Medium and Channel.

SCOTT ROBINSON - 10 AM- 6 PM - Medium, Clairvoyant, Intuitive - Scott can connect with loved ones who have crossed over, see clairvoyantly and intuitively into medical and personal issues and answer questions of any kind. He is also an energy healer and is able to help with overcoming blockages and clear unwanted energies and entities. He uses a variety of techniques including Cosmic Ray Theory and seven ray meditation to help people attune to their Higher self and Radiate at their Highest level. On staff at The Inner Space

SHIVA 10 AM - 6 PM - Clairvoyant, Shamanic Healing, Energy Worker, Practitioner, Reiki Master- Using the tools of the Peruvian Shaman and the medicine wheel, Shiva will help you integrate your skills and understand how to elicit profound healing, self acceptance and divine guidance. Integrate Your Inner Physician on physical, spiritual and mental levels.

BRAINTAP - Twenty to twenty five minutes of pure bliss-guided meditation, binaural beats, hemi-sync and brain balancing help you reach your subconscious mind to create the life of your dreams. Not only is BrainTap a beautiful meditation /manifestation tool, but 20 minutes of BrainTap is worth 8 hours of sleep! Programs include weight loss, sales performance, manifestation, health and well being, relationships, physical fitness and more! Use one of your tickets for the 2/$35 price.



BARBARA BUSTAMANTE- Automatic Writing, Spiritual Healer, Oracle Cards, Intuitive, (Bilingual). Her Spirit Guides allow her to connect with your Energy to understand the messages you’ll need to hear. Receive a a reading that covers the aspects of your life. She will provide answers with love and compassion.

BONDESIO - Palmistry, Intuitive, Tarot, Pendulum, Chinese Astrology - Let her read your palm. Living and traveling for more than twenty years in many countries as a diplomat's wife, she used that period to hone her skills internationally. Your life is in your hands. Questions answered by numerology, Tarot cards and pendulum. Let Bondesio tell you your Soul Path, Life Path and your ultimate destination.

COCO - Reiki Practitioner, Sound Practitioner, Shaman, and Ordained Minister. Coco has exhibited intuitive abilities since she was a child by receiving messages from her guides through her dreams.Currently, she uses Tarot to connect to her spirit guides, ancestors, and angels. She helps her clients discover insight into their life path.Coco is here to uplift, inspire, and clairfy with compassion, humor, and wisdom. She gives guidance in love, career, family, and finances.

CARL GABRIEL- Intutive, Psychic, Tarot,Psy Cards, Clairvoyant, Clairsentient - Carl has been working as a professional psychic since 2002 after obtaining a degree in Metaphysics and Divination. Carl is a gifted Tarot reader and can give intuitive impressions on situations and interpersonal dynamics. A Psy Card or Tarot reading includes feedback on career, relocation, personal relationships and other subjects or any specific situation in which you might need further clarity. All information is delivered in an empathic, friendly, and non-judgmental approach.

KYLE MYERS Tarot, Empath, Astral Traveler, Crystals, Psychic- Get ready to awaken your higher self. Journey into the unknown as an Astral Traveler and Hedge Crosser, I will help guide you to the answers which you seek. We will tap into your magnetic field of energy and gain insights from the spiritual realm.

LINDSEY TYREE - Tarot, Empath, Intuitive - Atlanta based intuitive tarot reader, taught by one of the greats. I utilize tarot cards, intuition and empath abilities to provide in depth and insightful readings. Your soul has a message for you. I can help you to discern it.

MONICA: Intuitive Tarot, Clairvoyant - A caring and compassionate Scorpio who connects to your energy to offer information given by spirit. Monica can help shed light on any life questions. Whether your concerns are job, finance, relationship or spiritual, allow her to connect with your higher self for your answers

PATRICIA ELIZABETH - Healer, Reiki Master, Deeksha Giver and Access Consciousness practitioner. Patricia has been fascinated with hypnosis since her late teens.  In 1997, she attended her first class in Hypnosis through the National Guild of Hypnotist. She was certified under the Atlantian Mystery School in past life regression in 2017. In 2018, she attended a seven day class at the Edgar Cayce Foundation in Virginia Beach with Peter Woodbury, a student of Dr. Brian Weiss. 

PENELOPE SUMMERS: Astrology, Mediumship, Past Lives, Spiritual Counselor - Penelope has been working professionally as a Psychic Medium for 15 years. She studied with James Van Praagh and her style is direct, spiritual, and grounded in astrology. She considers herself a spiritual counselor and connects directly to your energy to offer valuable information about past lives, deceased loved ones, and the past present and futue.

SPHINX– Tarot, Energy Reader - As an energy reader, Sphinx uses Tarot to determine where the energiesmay lie. “ I see new possibilities and outlooks and would love to grant you the tools to succeed in them. The world we live in seems to be more trying as the days go by, and healing oneself at the same time gets overwhelming, but together in this moment we can create the light that’s needed to guide us to our future no matter the past. Welcome .

SHARON - Reiki, Tarot, Numerology, Pendulum, Angel Cards -Using Tarot, and Oracle cards, Numerology, Pendulum, Angel Cards and more - Sharon, a long time practicing metaphysician, provides insight into what is happening and why - what the future will bring and ways to shape it along with the meaning of the events and situations occurring in your life. On staff at The Inner Space

VALERIE QUE - Tarot, Energy Practitioner - Growing up in the 60's and 70's Valerie cut her teeth on Rock & Roll and Metaphysics. Her fascination with the Tarot has given her decades of experience with the cards. She has increased her connection through further study becoming a Certified Angel Card Reader, Certified Spirit Whisperer, QiGong Practitioner, Reiki Initiate and Cyma Therapy Practitioner. Her life's journey of study and enhancement of energy skills assist her in the "finer/subtler" aspects of client therapy leading her to quickly deliver the guidance that is available for YOU. On staff at The Inner Space


BRAINTAP - Twenty to twenty five minutes of pure bliss-guided meditation, binaural beats, hemi-sync and brain balancing help you reach your subconscious mind to create the life of your dreams. Not only is BrainTap a beautiful meditation /manifestation tool, but 20 minutes of BrainTap is worth 8 hours of sleep! Programs include weight loss, sales performance, manifestation, health and well being, relationships, physical fitness and more! Use one of your tickets for the 2/$35 price.


The above listing is believed to be accurate and correct. Please call in the day of the fair to confirm that your favorite psychic will be in attendance.

$35* for two readings cannot be shared between two clients or used for two readings with the same practitioner other than past life regression or a combo massage Reiki session which requires two tickets. Chiropractic adjustments $29 at the fair.