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About Shiva Juggassar

Clairvoyant, Shamanic Healing, Energy Worker, Home Clearing- Using the tools of the Peruvian Shaman and the medicine wheel, Shiva will help you integrate your skills and understand how to elicit profound healing, self acceptance and divine guidance. Integrate Your Inner Physician on physical, spiritual and mental levels.

A Personal Message From Shiva

I was born to do healing work.  I come from many generations of healers and practioners.  I tried to hide in the work world and blend in, but that only led to an unfulfilled existence.  I started to break out of my rut about 15 years ago while living in Albuquerque, NM, and did readings for people in a general bookstore.  Soon, the bookstore went out of business and I realized that what I had to offer was more specialized than the people I attracted in a “normal” bookstore who were looking for a fortune teller-type of experience.  I knew I wanted to dive much deeper into the wounds of seekers who are willing to take that journey and work with these clients to find a way out of their pain and unhappiness.
My wife and I moved back to the Atlanta area in 2008 and a few years later, we met Donna Pinter at the Big Psychic Fair in Roswell.  I worked with Donna as a client and with her assistance, my gifts grew as I cleared the blocks that held me back from achieving my goal of helping people on their spiritual path.  Donna now refers clients to me. 
What do I have to offer?
I am my own client.  I have worked through issues of ego and abuse and know how forgiveness and perseverance can shift energy for healing purposes.  My gifts are unique and of the light.  I am able to listen to clients but more importantly, I can see the truth of things to get them on the healing path.  I have experience working with people with addictions. 
I wish to share my experiences and assist people to gain the peace and insight I have learned along my path.I am a Reiki master, intuitive, clairvoyant, and energy healer.  I work with angels, meditation, chakras, crystals, candles, and incense.  I am well-read in metaphysical and self-help, as well as philosophy and psychology. 


More About Shiva

Shiva has been helping people internationally for over fifteen years to break down barriers, face fears, remove negative energy from their lives, and tune-in to their Higher Selves.  Whether you are looking for answers to current issues or energetic coaching on your spiritual journey, allow Shiva to illuminate your path.
A third generation mystic, Reiki Master, and spiritual practitioner, Shiva’s journey began in Trinidad, West Indies with roots in India.  Since then, he has travelled to many places, including Egypt, Israel, & England, and lived in different parts of the U.S.  His most recent trip to Peru included initiations with a Q’ero shaman and now works with the energy of Pachamama, the Medicine Wheel and the Condor energy of South America.
Shiva has integrated Eastern and Western cultures to produce a direct and unique approach to provide spiritual guidance and awakening through his gifts of clairvoyance and energetic healing.  He believes all of us have gifts and would like to assist you in illuminating your gifts into awareness to bring out your authentic self.


For an appointment or more information about his classes, workshops and readings, you may contact Shiva at 404-252-4540 for payment plans and other questions. He also reads at the monthly Inner Space Psychic Fair




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