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Madison Amsel

For beginners, those returning to the study of astrology, and for those seeking answers to the great mysteries of their lives. Since the dawn of time, mankind has been fascinated with studying the sky and everything within it. Astrology 101 is an easy to understand, insightful course that shows the student how to interpret celestial timing for themselves and others, as well as teach the student to read and create their own natal chart. Astrology 101 will cover signs, planets, houses, degrees and basic aspects (conjunction, opposition, square, trine, sextile). 7:30 - 9:30 PM 6 Weeks $190 + $19.95 Workbook (If you have your workbook from a previous class at The Inner Space, you mey use it)

6 Weeks of Witchcraft
with Madison Amsel

Witchcraft is a branch of magickal practice that is empowering, enlightening, nature-focused, yet practical and, at times, has a very simple approach. While anyone can be a witch, this is a path for the open minded and creative student. There will be different forms of learning in this class including learning best practices, spells, how to create magick, ethics, basic knowledge and use of magickal tools and how to strengthen a student’s belief in themselves and their power.
7:30 - 9:30 PM
6 Weeks $190 + Matreials


"I want spirituality to be accessible to everyone."

Madison Amsel – Madison Amsel has been a lifelong astrologer and psychic intuitive. She works with Spirit, ancestors, the galactic family, angels, fae, and many more guides to provide thoughtful and loving messages as well as a straightforward yet gentle approach of understanding one’s circumstances. Using the Tarot, astrological interpretations, and deep psychic channeled insights, she will bring out the most profound and comforting messages for you. Through acknowledging both the light and the shadow, she can help you become aligned with your Highest Potential and feel at peace.

A personal message from Madison
My spiritual journey began the moment my soul accepted its contract and I came into being, but I couldn’t even fathom that this is where that path would take me today. For most of my life even in early childhood I walked around with immense sadness and pain, unsure of why I felt a certain way but feeling lost and hopeless for a long time. Later on with the proper resources and a couple “tower moments” as my motivating factor, I began to connect to metaphysics even more deeply than my first introduction to it and started to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I learned many insights about myself along the way, including those that I did not want to face. Often my clients come to me in a similar state and I tell them – I hear you! I see you and I validate you. I relate to my clients and students in a very personal way often leading to a healthy therapeutic or intuitive guiding relationship. I seek to be a helpful person, in both the 3D and beyond to anyone who may choose me as a channel and resource. I feel very blessed and grateful to offer folks what I never had.
I am first and foremost a psychic. I am also an open practitioner of Witchcraft, and metaphysical teacher. In my career at Inner Space, I have become the pathway instructor for both Astrology and Witchcraft and I feel very fortunate to not only be seen as the primary resource for both, but to connect with so many people in a helpful way. It’s a bit corny but it’s true – I have always wanted to help the masses, one person at a time. My personal style of teaching and reading is direct and straightforward, but always coming from a place of love and I make sure I convey everything in an easy to understand way. Frequently I get feedback from my clients and students that this method works for them where others haven’t before. I want spirituality to be accessible to everyone, so that they will never have to accept a one-dimensional life. I believe in human potential. Soon, we will upgrade collectively and evolve and feel as fulfilled as we possibly can. Let me help you realize your Highest Potential and start the rest of your evolution. – M. Amsel

Madison has an international clientelle and gives both phone and in-person readings at The Inner Space. She also reads at the monthly Inner Space Psychic Fair.


For an appointment or more information her classes, you may contact Madison through The Inner Space at 404-252-4540 for payment plans and other questions.


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